This is Me!

Being (pretty much) a full time mum since 2002 I have often pondered on what the heck I am going to do when I grow up…

I’ve tried my hand at many things, support work ,shop keeping, up-cycling, crafting, and I even had big plans to become a midwife at one point. Sadly none of these things really clicked. That’s not to say that I am a quitter, but those things just did not fit with me and my little family at the time.

Ok, when I say “little family” that’s a lie! We are a crew of 9… four small folk, a husband, Norb the cat and our recently adopted Spike the bearded dragon…or The Little Monster as my friends little girly refers to her.

Now naturally, this crew need feeding, regularly so it would seem or they start to complain! As my 4 kidlets AND the husband are big eaters, and not shy when it comes to seconds, thirds and occasionally fourths, I am fairly certain that my many years of mass production would fully qualify me to cook for the entire RAF, Royal Navy and British Army combined.

I’m not a chef, I have no food qualifications and I am not a highly experienced writer (bet you have guessed that already!) However, I am passionate about food, feeding my family well and supporting local independent food producers and eateries. I’m in a privileged location here in the  South West, as we are mightily blessed with an abundance of fantastic producers, farmers markets, Deli’s, restaurants and cafe’s.

So after much  gentle encouragement  from a dear friend, I have come to this place, sat at my computer with a massive mug of coffee, writing a food blog! In my blog I hope you will find helpful family recipes, general food/food related chatter and reviews of my dining experiences.

Right then, let’s go on a foodie adventure and see what we can find…


LooliBelle (aka Kirsty)