Saturday Night Curry Feast

Saturday Night Curry Feast

Do you ever just wake up and your first thought is:

‘What am I going to have for dinner tonight’?

Closely followed by:

‘I need coffee’

I don’t know, it may just be me but I think about food all the time! I think it’s why I became a food blogger, some kind of outlet for the constant food ‘noise’ in my head. Anyway let’s get to the point, so I decided that I was craving curry but wasn’t all that sure what we had in…it’s getting to the wrong end of the month for a spontaneous trip to the shop, you know what I mean right? Not much coin in the hand…


This is genuine though, (not like when Nigella just happens to have white truffles in the cupboard, or mango oil…pfft) I pulled together all the necessary resources to come up with a kheema curry! How about that? A small pack of turkey mince in the freezer, chilli’s, ginger and coriander is always in as standard, spices and canned tomatoes, happy days! I’m sure someone is going to have an issue with my green/yellow chilli but please remember that I was having to make do…also I quite like the look of it to be honest.

But it gets better, there was some slightly dried up pre-made filo pastry (no shame here, life is way too short for laminating and all that jazz) sweet potato, a few frozen peas loose in the freezer drawer (that’s a joke, I didn’t use them, they’re still there) and a sweet potato that was once destined for sweet potato chips but never quite made it’s debut.

Samosa! We had all the vitals for samosa, this was turning into a banquet. Isn’t it surprising what you can rustle up if you can think a little creatively? I have to say, hubby had got involved at this point so I can’t take all of the credit for the genius that was our dinner. I think perhaps my excitement piqued his interest? Who knows but anyway he decided that homemade naan were the way forward with this curry feast. I thought he’d taken it way too far if I’m honest. Who ever makes their own naan breads? Madness.

As it turns out, we do! These little beauties were absolutely sensational but please don’t tell him I said that, he’ll get all big headed and shiz and I cannot be coping with that. They were soft, doughy and probably nothing like a naan bread should be if you ask Paul Hollywood but I think they were incrediballs and I will even share the recipe at a later date.

So there we have it, from initially thinking that we had naff all in the house for dinner, I managed to satisfy a curry craving (which is a very regular occurrence) discovered the joy of homemade samosa, impressed the kids with a delicious Indian banqut and felt overwhelming satisfaction whilst tearing apart the softest naan ever. Also felt immensely proud of the hubby!

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