Fizzy Pop Dinners-Dr Pepper Pulled Pork

Fizzy Pop Dinners-Dr Pepper Pulled Pork


It’s been a while now since I last posted a Fizzy Pop Recipe. I made this pulled pork recipe weeks ago, but perhaps forgot to write it up, I know, I know, lapse of me and I am deeply sorry. Please forgive me?

We had this for lunch one Sunday, and it was super duper easy. Slow and low is definately the way forward with this recipe, and what’s better is that with the edition of the Dr Pepper, you have no need to worry about it going dry… Hooray! In fact we had this in the oven all day at about 100ºC ← I have totally just worked out how to do that little degrees sign! And the arrow! Small victories…


Those readers with a keen eye will probably notice that the meat in the above picture is partially cooked, this is true. I forgot to add the essential ingredient. OK to be fair to me, I didn’t have any Dr Pepper, but forgetting my blogging intention with this dish, I had put the trimmed meat in the oven and gone out to a car boot sale with the intention of picking up the Dr pepper on my way home, only to remember upon my return that I hadn’t taken any photo’s prior to buying the pop.  I’m a numpty, I know, you can’t win them all though can you. What I would like everyone to take away from this little lesson is that, quite obviously, any fool can make this belly busting belter of a supper.


This pulled pork was roasted for a total of about 5 hours, with a tight lid on. Perhaps 3 of them was with the Dr pepper. Once the meat was obviously ready to be pulled (as in you poke it with a fork and it falls apart) I tasked the eldest child to pull it all apart, I had to watch her like a hawk as she was highly likely to scoff the pulled pork straight from the pan. We then left it to sit in the juices with the lid back on and back in the warm oven while we finished prepping the rest of the dinner.


As we were all feeling pretty lazy (it was Sunday, we wanted to catch up on Strictly) we decided to just make some slaw to pile on the plates. Now please, I beg you, don’t buy shop bought coleslaw, it’s just not the same, make some ‘Phwoar Slaw’, it’s well lush and super easy. All you have to do, is grate about 3 carrots (obviously these quantities depend on personal taste and how much slaw you want) half a firm white cabbage, not one of them floppy green ones, and a small red onion, mix it all up with some good old Hellmans mayo and salt and pepper. Yum. The cool thing about home made coleslaw, is that I always get the kids to make it, perfect for getting them involved in the kitchen AND getting them eating loads of veg, albeit only copious quantities of carrot and cabbage.


If you’re feeling particularly posh, you could grate in celeriac (my least favourite thing) or a fennel bulb, or add in some seeds or nuts…once you have your base just have a play about. We went simple for this one, did I mention we were feeling particularly lazy?!

Add to the pulled pork and slaw some warmed up pittas and you have yourself a simple, filling, delicious dish. This one is cool for the kids too, because they can stuff their pitta at the table. You could make a green salad to accompany this dinner, or some roasties or wedges on the side would be equally as lovely.


I used Dr Pepper zero for this pulled pork recipe, I can’t say that you could really taste it in the meat, however if you did some kind of scientific test with some Dr Pepper pulled pork, and pulled pork without, I wonder if you would taste a difference? I have written it up anyway, obviously, and I do think that it helped the meat to stay moist and tasty. Have a go, I’d really love to hear your thoughts, I wonder if ‘full fat’ Dr.P. would taste more? It was delicious anyway so do give it a bash! Check out my other recipes here for more Fizzy Pop Dinners.

Happy eating.

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