The Canteen at Maker Heights

The Canteen at Maker Heights

Last weekend I had a rare opportunity to visit my folks in Cornwall…on my decadent. Dad very kindly treated me to lunch at his favourite local eatery, The Canteen at Maker Heights.


On the Rame Peninsula in the most beautiful area of Cornwall, The Canteen at Maker Heights opened in May 2014 and has quickly become a favorite haunt for locals and visitors alike. This is the second time I have had lunch at The Canteen and yet again I was not disappointed!

Being something of a pulled pork aficionado, I chose this off the menu. In hindsight I should have picked something different, not because I didn’t enjoy my meal, I really did, but because I think that The Canteen would be a good place to push the boat out and try something out of my comfort zone. I nearly chose the mussels, but I just couldn’t…I’m a little squeamish of seafood. However I am a big fan of the seafood stick, or as Keith Lemon would put it ‘the sausage of the sea’. Ha!!


Part of the appeal for me at The Canteen is that the restaurant is actually located inside Nissen huts, which appeals to a good plethora of folk, from War Historians, to hippy types and families alike. The atmosphere is relaxed, and chilled to horizontal proportions. And the view…is absolutely spectacular. I don’t have a photo of the exact view, but my folks are a 2 minute drive away and this is theirs…


… gorgeous.

Anyway, back to the food. SO mum ordered chicken terrine, and she was kind enough to let me have a taste! It was scrummy, really herby and full of flavour. I had been tempted to order this one too, in fact there were very few things that I wasn’t tempted to order on the menu.


I particularly love the attention to detail on this dish with the little scoop of chilli chutney, it was mega spicy but delicious.

The breakfast looked equally as scrumptious, Dad chose this, but I wanted to sample the lunch menu so refrained from the sausage and bacon this time, as you’ll know from my ‘Taste of Bristol’ post I do love a good breakfast! I did take a picture of it though, naturally, for your viewing pleasure…


If this post hasn’t won you over already, then I strongly suggest you go ahead and try it for yourself next time you are in the vicinity. You won’t be disappointed. Perhaps after a days surf at Whitsand Bay, or a wander around the house and gardens at Mount Edgcumbe, this is the perfect place for a pit stop whilst you explore this little corner of Cornwall.




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