A Taste of Bristol

A Taste of Bristol

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A couple of weeks ago the hub and myself went to Bristol to spend some quality time together (away from the kids) Not only was it some much needed time out, but I also wanted to get a literal taste of Bristol and what it had to offer.


We were staying with two of our wonderful friends (well, on their lawn in our van!) So Friday night was all about catching up and enjoying their company. It was knocking on time-wise by the time the men had finished doing their hair and make-up, and by the time we hit town most smaller independent restaurants were fully booked up, bad planning on our part.

We hit up the Slug and Lettuce for burgers, it was after all, National Burger Day!! (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!)

I was pleased with my “Stateside” with sweet potato chips, it was everything you want out of a burger really, beefy, juicy, substantial! I guess my only slight criticism is that more cheese would have made it just right, and lose the token gesture of lettuce. If I wanted lettuce I’d have ordered salad. Otherwise it was yummy. I ate mine daintily with a knife and fork. Dave dived face first into his, such a lad! Gem had the chicken mango and avocado burger, it looked equally delicious.


After listening to some music, and inevitably refilling our bellies with various pints of cider, beer and Red Bull for the driver (Alan was driving us about, thanks buddy) we made a frantic dash to Sundaes Gelato. We arrived with about 7 minutes to spare before they closed, much to the dismay of the staff I’m sure. I want to be able to say that I can remember what this delectable desert is called, but I had drank far too much Korev (excited to find that in Brsitol!) so have had to research and it is in fact a Banana Chocolate Burst. I am mighty impressed with my camera skills at midnight on a night out, that deserves some kind of recognition surely?


Let’s fast forward to the following morning, mainly because the rest of the evening was a blur, but rest assured I was toasty warm in my Fox Onesie in the van, even if I kept lying on my own tail…that’s the weirdest thing to write as a human. Ha!

There is only one place in Bristol that I will go to for breakfast, and when you have something of a thick head, breakfast has to be reliable. The Hatter on Clare St is the quaintest, yet funky little cafe, correctly describing itself as vibrant and eclectic. I’m always lucky enough to be there in good weather which is fab because I can sit at the table, cradle a generous mug of Clifton Coffee Roasters coffee and people watch whilst I wait for my breakfast. Eggs royale was the perfect remedy for my grumbling belly. Perfectly poached eggs upon a bed of scrummy smoked salmon all on top of toasted brioche, finished with avocado and cracked pink pepper. It was exactly what I needed to set me up for a day of exploration.


If you have never visited the St Nicholas market in Bristol then I thoroughly recommend that you give it a go. It’s really fab, with a wealth of market traders selling everything from bamboo socks to a vast array of “blow your brains out” chili products. What I found most astounding was the amount of food vendors catering for every palate from grilled goodies, portugese delights and my absolute weakness… Pieminister pies. *cue salivation* Being true to my northern roots I had the mushy pea side with my Moo and Blue (Kate and Sidney was sold out) and sat on a doorstep of a fire exit to enjoy my lunch. What a class act I am.


On a side note though, we were watching people in a travel agents and wondered why people still use them? With the t’internet and Google, don’t folk do everything online these days? I mean clearly not, because there were loads of folk in there.

Dave and I came across this awesome little food hall/cafe. Walking around Source was like being a kid in a sweet shop, I was gutted that I couldn’t really buy anything because our accommodation wasn’t accommodating foodie purchases, it was parked in the park and ride car park for a start.  BUT what I did buy excited me immensely, BS1 Honey! This sweet sticky substance is created by a magnificent team of over 50,000 buzzy bees up on top of the corn exchange right in the centre of the city. As if that isn’t exciting enough, you can only buy it in Bristol Pounds! Seriously, who doesn’t love a British city with it’s own currency? I had to skip back to the market to get some GBP changed and dashed back clutching my Bristol Pounds to exchange for a jar of truly urban nectar. Look out for a new recipe with my BS1 Honey. It will be a grand occasion.


We finished off our day with coffee and pastries in Sotiris. A quaint Greek delicatessen on Park Row. We were initially enticed by the array of pastries in the window, tiny delicate syrup smothered baklava and sugar coated Turkish delight, but then the kind chap inside offered us authentic Greek coffee. I was dubious, I had no clue what Greek coffee was like, and when he presented it I was nervous, there was no milk…In all honesty though, it was insanely good. Smooth, weirdly creamy even though it was black, bizarrely yet pleasantly fragrant and with a side dish of Turkish delight. It arrived in a pot of sorts, this floated my boat, I love me some audience participation. I’d definitely go back for more of that coffee, even if I was convinced that I wouldn’t be sleeping for a week.


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