More Beer Dear

More Beer Dear


Friday night saw the end of a long week for the hubby, including a nerve wracking job interview and general ‘beginning of term’ shenanigans (apparently he doesn’t sit on his bum all day…who knew!) Also the end of the last full week of school holibobs for the kids (I have mixed emotions about this) so a date night was required.

We dragged our flagging selves around the closest supermarket, neither of us having a clue what we fancied. He didn’t want wine, I didn’t want cider (that’s a new feeling) and then these little beauties caught our tired eyes…


Honestly, it was like love at first sight! Not only did they look pretty, but we both knew they taste good and would ease us into the bank holiday weekend perfectly, like sliding into a hot deep bath after running 10k…I’ve never done that but I imagine it would feel nice!

We bought one of every colour because that’s just my way  and I wanted a pretty blog picture then realised we could have a locally themed date night! Off we went on a hunt for local snacks…it was always going to be cheese really though wasn’t it?


After much debate and discussion in the cheese aisle, and a purposeful march to the deli counter, we decided on Somerset brie, mild and creamy. Dorset Red, which was a new one to me but it was so so good! Made by Ford Farm with the most incredible depth of smokey flavour and a really firm texture. I’d say it’s probably quite a manly cheese, meaning it takes a man to cut it! I’ll definitely buy it again though, it was lush. Then obviously there had to be some blue cheese. I know it divides nations, like marmite does, but I love it, the moldier the better! This cornish blue from the Cornish cheese co. was perfect to complete our little cheese board, an award winning, soft and creamy gentle giant of a blue cheese.

Choosing a bed for our little cheesy friends proved to be trickier than you would imagine! After perfecting our beverage selection, and carefully choosing local cheeses, (My folks live in Cornwall so that counts as local to me) we couldn’t just pick any old cracker. Get this though, every cracker that caught our eye was actually made in Holland!! I’m not even kidding, they must have some cracking marketing teams over there because the packaging is great and clearly very effective. However we weren’t going to be swayed by the smart labels, oh no, we were on a mission. We actually agreed on cornish wafers…ok, I confess they are made by Jacob’s up in Leicester, but they are a cornish recipe, and anyway, hubby went to uni in Leicester, that makes it local right?!


I’m sure you will agree that our little board of delights looks very handsome, and perfect for a relaxing date night. I only wish I had drank the beer more slowly and noted down some clever comments about heady aromas, and other random musings including the words palate and floral notes. What I can tell you, is all of them were scrummy from the light, to the dark ale, but if you’re buying me a pint, I’ll have a Gem!




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