Food Hero’s-Rays Veg

Food Hero’s-Rays Veg


So last week saw my return to the Taunton farmers market, hooray! I’ve really missed it over the holidays, It’s a little bit of ‘me time’, just having a mooch around and checking out what’s on offer. It’s usually when I buy myself a bunch of flowers too… (husband please take note!)


I had my gammon bubbling away in the slow cooker so was on the hunt for some yummy veg to accompany my culinary experiment. When I saw what delights Ray had to offer, I was inwardly gleeful (I felt it would be uncouth to express my delight outwardly in the midst of the market).


This was my first time on the market since I had begun my journey in writing nonsense, so understandably I was full of blogging intent. After explaining to the lady that I was a nobody blog writer who thought that Rays veg looked particularly pleasing to the eye, I whipped out my phone and asked if I could take some pictures. With a mixture of amusement and pride, quickly followed by mild horror, she said that wasn’t a problem so long as I snapped the veg and not her, I understood and together we arranged the veg.  I don’t know if this was Mrs Ray, or one of Ray’s colleagues, but she was jolly helpful and even restocked the tables before I took my shots. What a peach.


I decided upon the romanesco broccoli to go with dinner and some leeks and potatoes to make soup with. Apparently the leeks had just been pulled to see how they were looking, I think they look mighty fine. They may be small but goodness me they were powerful little fellas! My van stank to high heaven on the way home and I had to put the windows down. I can’t say that’s ever happened with leeks from T*$*@.


With sadness, I have not managed to find Ray on Facebook so he will probably never know about the wonderful time I had in his absence on Thursday. Perhaps I shall enlighten him on Thursday if he is there…




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