Fizzy Pop Dinners-Fanta Sweet and Sour Chicken

Fizzy Pop Dinners-Fanta Sweet and Sour Chicken


Following on in my “Fizzy Pop” series this week is a Fanta sweet and sour chicken recipe. This is the easiest way to make a scrummy sweet and sour dinner for the whole family. Sadly for me I can’t eat anything with citrus in it (cue horrific migraines, I know, sucks to be me right?!) So I am putting my faith in my kids and hubby when they assure me that it’s yummy. I had been invited out for dinner with a friend so cooked this up for the crew before I went out. I’m just a kind hearted, selfless person like that!


So here’s the ingredients you need:

  • 1 small bottle of fanta (sugar free if you are on slimming world)
  • Rice vinegar (for that authentic chinese flavour…uh huh!)
  • Chicken breast (I used 3)
  • 1 tsp tomato puree, if you put in too much it kills the fruity flavour so be sparing with it
  • Any stir fry veg you fancy or have in the fridge. I used a couple of onions, red and yellow pepper, a can of bamboo shoots and a can of water chestnuts.
  • An oxo cube.


I had the littlest Loolibelle helping me in the kitchen, she’s a dab hand with a knife and willingly chopped the peppers into rustic chunks while I cooked off the chicken (in my new pan! Squee! It’s been used every day so far!) I had my chief oxo basher fix me up with some chickeny crumbles to stir into the chicken. Just makes it taste better.


Once the chicken is cooked through, throw in the chunky chopped onions and peppers and let them cook for a couple of minutes. They’re going to be simmered in the Fanta anyway so don’t let them get too soft or they’ll turn to smush. No one wants smushy sweet and sour-Fact.


Pour in your Fanta and the tomato puree, give it all a good stir then let it simmer away until it’s thickened up and is less watery. Have a taste and season it to your personal preference. Now, when I was cooking this, I decided to throw in what I thought was a can of pineapple. I forgot it was in the cupboard until I had taken all of my photos…hence why there is no photo of it, and only if you have read this whole post will you know that it enhanced the flavour tremendously and should definately be added in. Except it wasn’t a can of pineapple, oh no, it was a can of mixed tropical fruit including guava and papaya, how posh is that?! Perhaps I should rename this “Posh Sweet and Sour Chicken” What do you reckon?!


Anyway back to the matter in hand. You could serve this with noodles if you fancy it but we went for rice (mainly because we had loads in the cupboard) Finally take some fancy photos, make everyone believe you are capable of using chopsticks, drizzle on a little soy sauce and scoff the lot with a big spoon. Happy days, an easy dinner with not too much washing up.





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