Finding Contentment in Coffee

Finding Contentment in Coffee


Being an avid coffee fan, and when I say fan, I mean like a creepy, stalker, take out an injunction kind of fan, I was generally stuck in my ways with my coffee habit, perfecting my french press brew like a 5 star Parisian barista.

But then I was gifted this precious little thing of beauty. It was pre loved, but let me tell you, no-one could ever have loved this little gem like I do.


With the introduction of my stove top espresso maker, I decided to fully embrace the ritual that is “brewing the perfect cup of coffee” Trust me when I tell you that my entire household benefits greatly from my morning coffee habit, if that goes to ratchet the day might as well be over. Anyway off I went on a quest for a coffee grinder, because that makes you a proper cool kid right, grinding your own beans?

Being the fool that I am, I tried hitting the BIG shops. I didn’t have a big budget, after all this is really just an indulgence, I can get ground coffee anywhere, so I wasn’t going to the proper posh kitchen shops, unsurprisingly I didn’t find what I wanted. Until….


Kate happened! On FB! Kate and Phil own the hardware shop in my little town, and whilst I have never doubted their awesomeness, it just didn’t occur to me to look in there for the object of my desires. After some polite conversation via social media Kate assured me that Phil could come up with the goods, so off I went, clutching my pennies to see what was on offer.


I knew that I didn’t want an electric grinder, I’m just old-fashioned like that, and I needed something with a large capacity (you should understand that by now). The Le’Xpress coffee grinder was new into the shop and will be featured in the new Home Hardware catalogue so it felt like an exclusive preview! It wasn’t, it was on the shelf and you could go and get one tomorrow, but I had my little moment of elation anyway.


I love it, not only is it smart to look at, with a large airtight container, but it feels really well made and is easy to use. I had previously fiddled with a couple of smaller grinders and frankly they just felt flimsy, and no way up to the use it will inevitably get. We’ve all perfected the “rugby ball” method, which involves gripping it firmly under your arm and grinding vigorously as it does take a while to get a good amount of beans ground. It’s also adjustable which is fab, because to be honest if I am grinding for my french press I like a coarser coffee so it doesn’t slip through the mesh, whereas the stove top prefers a much finer grind. Sometimes it can let the husks through, but passing it through for a second time remedies that, and it’s much easier second time round anyway. As I said, I love a ritual so when I’ve dropped the kids at school, and want to sit and enjoy a quiet, contemplative cup of coffee, there are few things more satisfying than my journey from bean to brew to cup and finally contentment.





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